Want to enable your workers to work smoothly and conveniently in an automobile manufacturing environment and to make sure absolute satisfaction of your customers?


Emagine IT Group, operating in the automobile industry, offers an absolutely state-of-the-art solution to fulfill this business need. We offer the highly sophisticated and hi-tech automobile Turn Key Solution that serves workers in a fleet maintenance shop very well in their manufacturing work. The smart vending units offered by us have the ability to contain various manufacturing tools and equipment for vehicles, wherever you need them in your production line.


Emagine IT Group aims to improve the automotive manufacturing efficiency for team members and is all about making sure a better consumer experience using innovative technology along with forward thinking design.


Why Installation of Automated Vending Machine is Now Inevitable?

Our vending machines provide strategic benefits as they are absolutely convenient and time saving because they give the surety of getting what the workers want.

The fleet maintenance workers use automated vending machine to manage the handling of higher-dollar tools and equipments by its mechanics. Such items include safety glasses and gloves, grinding discs, drill bits, adjustable jacks, lubricants, automotive diagnostic equipment, circular saw blades, wire brushes and much more. It suggests that the manufacturer can conveniently control usage and save money by using this machine.

It is a onetime investment on an automotive manufacturing facility which really helps the businesses get rid of a lot of running expenses to operate. Automobile vending machine helps manufacturers reduce overhead costs because there is no need to hire more staff. So, it really increases the profit margin and the owner can now make business a success bound venture.

The Best Features Standing Out Emagine IT Group


Emagine IT Group has been serving the automobile industry by providing most modern solutions to assist car manufacturing companies manage smoothly their fleet maintenance facility. Our automated machines are much flexible and can easily be placed anywhere, including fleet management and manufacturing, construction, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and more.


We believe in providing user-friendly vending and software system to enable them to leverage benefits of it. Our machines profitably provide our customers with absolute inventory control for low- and high-cost items.



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