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Emagine IT Group also works with and supports government and military organizations. As these organizations have to follow strict regulations and policies and must accurately manage all materials and asset usage, we offer the best inventory management solutions by providing with the most efficient government military vending machines tracking MRO and indirect materials. These hi-tech machines help them reduce inventory management and supply costs, errors and downtime. It simply suggests that organizations develop their capability of creating a productivity culture, while making sure compliance with safety standards and regulations as well as strict accountability among personnel.


The government military vending solutions offered by EIT has satisfied our respected clients as they were developed and tested with close participation of personnel and officers serving government and military institutions. Our advanced government military vending machines have been installed at top manufacturing firms that serve government and military organizations, thus achieved recognition for its best inventory management solutions and the military regularly benefit from.


In fact, our vending machines are a revolution based on highly innovative technology within government and military organizations.


Are you ready to get rid of all your inventory tracking problems?


The best government military vending solutions for government and military entities deliver:

  • User-friendly transported machines providing instant yet convenient access to supplies, tools and equipment wherever they are needed
  • Unlimited options of configuration and customization to entertain all your needs
  • Highly sophisticated and advanced serialized inventory management capabilities based on RFID that facilitate with exceptional compliance with FOD (Foreign Object Debris)
  • Powerful integrated security capability for efficient management of user access
  • Simplified purchasing processes reducing purchase order costs
  • Details by vendor to make sure low cost
  • Options associated with multiple system access verification

Our vending solutions are based on international standards with an extensive range of reports dashboards for facilitating with oversight on everything, whether inventory control or resource/ budget allocation. This data is helpful to make it easier to prepare for audits; make operational decisions and develop good strategy.

Closely work with EIG’s solutions and get instance assistance to increase productivity and profitability by driving efficiency up and costs down.

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